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Code Counter Main Screen Snapshot

This is the main tab where you define your "project" - which files to count, where they are located, and some other options.
  • The left side of the window allows you to set where your source files to count are located - you can specify multiple folders if you wish. To make it easier, you can also drag-drop folders from Windows Explorer into the list box to automatically add them.
  • The right side of the window shows which types of files you would like to count, just select as many (or as few of them) as you want. You may also want to exclude some specific types of files, you can do so by adding a regular expression in the "Exclude" field to exclude those files that match the given pattern.
  • You may also load your previous profile (so you don't need to keep configuring the program over and over) and save them too using the "Load" and "Save" buttons.

    To start the counts, you only need to click on the "Start Count!" Button. The results will be shown in the "Results" tab.

    If you would like to define your own file types and extensions first, simply go to the "Config" tab.

    Code Counter Pro Main / Setup screen

    Some Tips:

    • If you want to count files on a Unix (BSD, Linux) system, you may want to mount them on your windows system beforehand using Samba or some other similar technology. Code Counter Pro can count both Unix style and Windows style text files.
    • You may also count files found on another computer on a network by just selecting a network drive (or connecting to the shared drive's device letter)

    Download it now: (Latest version: 1.32
    Approx 2.7 Mb size)
    BUY the software
    * Once registered, the 50 file limit and 30-day trial period is removed. Discounts are also available for 5-user or 10-user licenses when you click on this buy button.

Other Info

Code Counter Snapshots
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Source Types Supported

asp, asm, bas, bat,
c, cob, cpp, c++, css
csv, dfm, h, hpp
htm, html, inc, ini
java, js, jsp, log
pas, php, php3
sql, txt, vb, vbs
xml, and now... even
your own file types!

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