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Code Counter Pro Version History and Notes

This is the version history and notes for each release of the Code Counter Pro software:

  • 02/07/2006: v1.32 (Minor update). General clean up of all screens to resize components correctly, Added Browse button in Default output path, Fixed CPU hogging when idle / minimized (now uses much less CPU time), Added Group by file type feature and Show/Hide file extension column, Added special "<none>" to extension type to signify file without any extension, Made filename column a "stretch" column in grid display
  • 01/02/2006: v1.31 (Patch). Bugfix for total column not being synchronized with rest of columns when "unsorted" view is shown. Fix for web update version number check. Added "Create new profile" button on setup page.
  • 12/16/2005: v1.30 (Major Release). - New Features: - New grid features include sorting by any column + unsorted view - Search feature (CTRL+F) - Now allows saving of results to CSV, XML, HTML and XLS file types - Now has print and print preview features for result lists - New option for counting blank lines within block comments as either blanks or as comment lines - Added total time for counting process on end of count - Added "Stop Count" button to abort long counting processes - Profile now includes default path or filename to save reports to - Added Perl and COBOL to list of extensions - Counting speedup (around 10% increase of speed) - Bugfixes: - Now clears summary data when starting new count - Fixed bug where block and single comment types are found in same line with multi-line comment coming before single line comment (i.e. /*//) - Fixed similar bug for special case where multi line comment is seen as both starting and ending token (i.e. /*// for C) - Shortcut keys in menus now work properly
  • 10/26/2005: v1.28 (feature+bugfix), removed popup when no GUI is used (CLI mode), feature to disregard text after a given column, Clear results grid when adding/removing directories, basic web update check added, added edit menu option for saving only selection to clipboard, fixed bug that counts some files 2x (html and htm), added PL/I (pli) and Fortran (f77, f90) file types
  • 10/1/2005: v1.27 important patch released. Fixed major bug of counting comments introduced starting from v1.25. Affects most source file counts! Please upgrade to this latest version if you have v1.25 or v1.26. Fixed bug of non-deletion of comment type. Added VB .frm file definition
  • 9/15/2005: v1.26 patch released. Fixed skin bug, several minor UI enhancements as requested by clients
  • 8/6/2005: v1.25 patch released. Fixes bug with delphi bracket counts, bug with cobol comments. Added button for removing comment styles, increased trial max file count to 50 (from 10), added rpg and jspf file types.
  • 4/15/2005: v1.24 released with several bug fixes, new GUI look and some new features (exclusion matching)
  • 10/9/2004: v1.23 patch released. Adds multiple source folder support as well as giving more priority to single-line comments over multi-line comments in code counts
  • 9/7/2004: v1.21 patch released. Fixes bug count for file definitions with more than one multi-line comment defined.
  • 4/19/2004: v1.2 released! Adds command line support as well as several bug fixes and enhancements to the program. New license protection scheme is also implemented.
  • 7/4/2003: V1.1 released which adds support for custom file types to be defined by end users! See a snapshot of the program here!
  • 2/2003: V1.02 released which adds more file support and bug fixes
  • 12/2002: V1.0 released to the world!

    Download it now: (Latest version: 1.32
    Approx 2.7 Mb size)
    BUY the Software: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and more (Cost is only US$25/license)
    * Once registered, the 50 file limit and 30-day trial period is removed. Discounts are also available for 5-user or 10-user licenses when you click on this buy button.

  • Other Info

    Code Counter Snapshots
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    Source Types Supported

    asp, asm, bas, bat,
    c, cob, cpp, c++, css
    csv, dfm, h, hpp
    htm, html, inc, ini
    java, js, jsp, log
    pas, php, php3
    sql, txt, vb, vbs
    xml, and now... even
    your own file types!

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